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What Is Tangential Content and Should You Be Creating This for Your Blog


What Is Tangential Content?

Tangential content is topics related to your business but not necessarily about your products or services. It helps broaden the range of topics on your website and attracts a wider variety of readers who might have yet to pay attention to your content.

This blog by Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is the perfect example of a tangential topic. The article ventures beyond their typical digital marketing topics and skillfully incorporates subtle promotion of their services in the close.

Content marketing is undeniably an important aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) and a powerful lead generation tool, but many businesses make the mistake of solely focusing on content directly related to their offerings.

This narrow approach limits their potential to reach a wider audience and engage new customer segments who may not have otherwise stumbled across their products and services.

With tangential content, brands can broaden their audience reach and captivate new customers.

In this article, we explore content marketing tips for integrating tangential content into your SEO content marketing strategy, as well as:

What Is Tangential Content?
Tangential vs. On-Brand Content: Which is Right for My Brand?
Benefits of Tangential Content to Businesses
How To Develop Tangential Content Ideas for Better Customer Reach

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Tangential vs. On-Brand Content: Which Is Right for My Brand?

As established, tangential content focuses on topics indirectly connected to your brand or industry. It provides valuable information and insights that interest your target audience but may not directly promote your products or services.

Branded content, on the other hand, directly aligns with your brand and promotes your products and services. It often showcases your unique selling propositions (USPs), highlights product features and tackles success stories.

Both on-brand and tangential content have their merits and can be used strategically depending on the brand’s goals and overall marketing strategy.

Brand-centric content, for starters, allows you to showcase your expertise and establish yourself as an authority in your field. In contrast, tangential content helps widen your blog’s reach by appealing to readers looking for something other than your products or services.

If you’re uncertain about which type of content to focus on, professional content marketing services may benefit you.