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The HubSpot Blog’s 2023 Marketing Strategy & Trends Report: Data from 1,200+ Global Marketers

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If the last few years taught us anything, the real test of a marketer’s skill is how well they adapt to change.

Nearly 80% of marketers say their industry changed more in the past three years than it has in the last five decades.

That also means consumer attitudes and preferences are changing just as quickly. And, it’s up to brands to keep up.

So, how can you succeed in a world where the unprecedented has become common?

To help you answer that and other burning questions, we surveyed 1,200+ global B2B and B2C marketers on their goals, challenges, and strategies.

Before we dive into the sections of our survey, let’s quickly discuss the biggest theme we found across the results.

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Our Biggest Finding: Agile, Data-Driven Marketers Will Win 2023

Overall, the survey results pointed to two tactics that will be vital in keeping up the pace in the coming year:

1. Use deeper data to know the ins and outs of your audience.

Go beyond basic demographic information – it’s crucial to know their interests and hobbies, how they like to shop, where they consume media, the online communities they are part of, the challenges they face, and the social causes they care about.

2. Always plan to pivot. 

From pandemics to political turmoil – and now a looming recession – the last few years have been a roller coaster for brands and consumers alike. Not only did over half of marketers pivot in 2021, 83% of those who pivoted changed course two to four times in one year.

We also found that 20% of marketers have already pivoted due to the potential recession. Chances are 2023 will continue to see shifts around this. 

Ultimately, you need a plan for when things go off course. Will you increase your marketing budget? Will you cut down on marketing channels? How will you adapt your messaging to resonate with consumers’ evolving experiences? Most importantly, do you have the data you need to guide your decisions?

While the two strategies above reflect the broad findings in this report, let’s dive more specifically into the top trends you can expect to see in 2023, starting with the biggest changes marketers are seeing in their industry this year.

Marketers agree that their industry changed drastically in the past few years, so let’s take a look at the top changes they saw from 2021 to 2022 – and what could be coming in 2023:

  1. More marketers have made pivots part of their plan.
  2. Data-informed marketing strategies have become vital.
  3. More brands aim to create content that reflects their values.
  4. Marketers increasingly use CRMs to track and organize data.
  5. Focusing on customer experiences bridges the gap between service and marketing.
  6. Social media DM strategies are growing in popularity.
  7. Building online communities around your brand is becoming critical to engagement.
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